Supergabe 2023/2024

The Supergabe is a yearly-changing edition that all Super Super Markt members receive as part of their membership (€75/year). Join our community today to get yours.

For 2023/2024, we’re thrilled to announce that the Supergabe is an edition by Venezuelan artist Sol Calero.

About the edition

Sol Calero
Plato Adentro, 2023
Archival pigment print on 270gsm Extrarough paper
36 x 28.7 cm

Courtesy: The artist, ChertLüdde & Super Super Markt

Vibrant and paradisiacal, these series of evocative paintings by Sol Calero often reference her Latin American heritage. Abstract paintings of ripe fruit, flowers and swaying leaves seem to invite the viewer into another world. For these series of works, Calero presents dreamlike compositions of still lifes, landscapes and anecdotes.

Sol Calero

Sol Calero was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1982. She now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

In her work, Sol Calero creates site-specific installations that work as spaces for gathering. She often uses opulent three-dimensional tableaus and has staged situations as far ranging as a school to a spa and a currency exchange office. Calero’s works are at once vibrant, bright, and playful, while also examining the political overtones of themes such as cultural representation, national identity, exoticism and marginalization. Her Venezuelan background has influenced an interest in looking at cultural codes or clichés from the Latin American context that proliferate and change, as well as the way in which visual symbols can undergo transformation.


Sol Calero’s work is part of public collections worldwide. These include the Collection Lafayette Anticipations (Paris), Sammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Germany), CA2M Collection (Madrid), Musée des Abattoirs/FRAC Occitanie (Toulouse), Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, CNAP – Centre National des Arts Plastiques (France), Museo Madre (Naples), Hiscox Collection (London) and the Fondazione Cassa Di Risparmio Di Cuneo (Italy).