Welcome to Super Super Markt

We make art more accessible, for a new generation. Here you’ll find, collect and enjoy exclusive artworks from exceptional contemporary artists.

Super Super Markt was founded in 2021 on the belief that not everyone has good access to art – it should impact more people’s lives including yours. We’re building the future art ecosystem, a community devoted to young art lovers and collectors, and a platform to exhibit the best contemporary art.

Julius Jacobi & Rory Kirk-Duncan
Co-Founders & Directors Super Super Markt

For the next generation of collectors

Our membership fee is €50/year and in return you receive a limited artwork edition — our Supergabe — every year. We give you first access to a curated selection of artworks, studio visits and guided gallery tours. We believe in constant discovery, and enabling conversation (which is where it all starts). But most of all, we believe in bringing art into your life, wherever you are in your journey.

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