About Super Super Markt

Created by Julius Jacobi and Rory Kirk-Duncan in 2022, Super Super Markt is an art gallery and community based out of Berlin.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to develop a community-driven platform that makes art more accessible and champions the work of a new generation of international artists.

Super Super Markt started as a nomadic exhibition project in temporary spaces – an off-licence, a deli and a collector’s home amongst others. In 2024, we opened our first gallery on Brunnenstr. 22 in Berlin, as an extension of our platform and community.

Super Super Markt, Brunnenstr. 22, Berlin

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For a new generation of collectors

Our membership fee is €75/year and in return you receive a limited edition – our Supergabe every year. The membership gives you exclusive access to exhibitions, collections, artist studios, and an international community of 600+ members. We believe in constant discovery and enabling conversation.

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