24h presents the works of 8 artists who sample and react to their immediate surroundings in their own exceptional way.

Waldmeister explores our arrival in nature, through the eyes of 5 fascinating artists.

Out of office, a group exhibition celebrating summer and the holiday season.

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Super Super Stories

  1. In the studio: Talisa Lallai

    Step inside the studio of Düsseldorf-based photographer Talisa Lallai. The artist lays out the parameters she sets herself to work in, the place that left the deepest impression on her and the mesmerising installations she goes about creating in her exhibitions.
  2. In the studio: Victoria Pidust

    Get to know the Berlin-based, Ukrainian photographer Victoria Pidust who walked us through her works that are part of our current exhibition Out of office. The artist shares her all-time favourite photographers, the impact of war on her work and a few of her upcoming shows in 2022.
  3. The collector: Tobias Gombert

    The Basel/Berlin-based investor and collector Tobias Gombert – who started sharpening his ‘collector’s eye’ with the legendary art dealer and collector Ernst Beyeler – shares his favourite museums, artists who's work he’s been following and the three main pillars that form his growing collection.
  4. In the studio: Cécile Lempert

    Step inside the Düsseldorf studio and mind of Cécile Lempert. Learn more about the process behind her work, whether she prefers starting or finishing a painting and which artist is on her mind right now.