Opening: Oliver Osborne

Brunnenstr. 22, 10119 Berlin

December 13, 6 – 10 PM

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  • Tugce Dayioglu, Tessa Perutz, Kim Stolz

    Tugce Dayioglu, Tessa Perutz, Kim Stolz presents a selection of new paintings, wall sculptures and works on paper at the Belle Etage in Cologne.

  • Print edition: Nada Elkalaawy

    Nada Elkalaawy portrays a moment of affection in her first-ever silkscreen print edition.

  • Moving in

    Moving in is a group exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by a cross generational group of artists at Mulackstr. 26.

Discover artists

  • Tugce Dayioglu

    Within Tugce Dayioglu’s practice, she mainly works with the medium of painting. Through her exploration of multiple surfaces, she simultaneously juxtaposes them as various compositions.

  • Tessa Perutz

    Tessa Perutz’s artworks function as psychological landscapes, touring the fields and valleys of the earth as well as the inner mind. Her works are a testimony to spontaneous exploration.

  • Kim Stolz

    Kim Stolz’ works are painted with watercolour or gouache in a short period of time, usually on the floor. What she finds most fascinating in painting is to create an engaging work with reduced means.

Read artist & collector stories

  1. In the studio: David Benedikt Wirth

    In the studio: David Benedikt Wirth

    From the Fulda Cathedral to an exhibition at the White Block Art Center in Seoul. Berlin-based artist David Benedikt Wirth reveals how everything started for him and how his work has developed since. With a general love for painting, he shares why a traditional medium like oil on canvas has its own aura and what’s behind his solo exhibition Heat.
  2. In the studio: Sara Rossi

    In the studio: Sara Rossi

    The Berlin-based, Italian artist Sara Rossi's work operates as the residue of thoughts-and-memories, much like a meditation that has been transferred through the hand onto canvas. After opening as a seed as a vision in our Brunnenstrasse 22 space, we caught up with Sara as she prepares for her next solo show in Milan that opens mid-April.
  3. In the studio: Jordan Derrien

    In the studio: Jordan Derrien

    Enter the studio of London-based artist Jordan Derrien. We talked to him about how his works come to life, and what role the material plays in his diverse practice. With literature and the idea of domestic spaces often being a starting point for him, Jordan shares an upcoming writing project of his own and what artist – dead or alive – he would love to collect himself.