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The artist's first solo exhibition in Berlin, presenting a selection of paintings and works on paper that were created in Florence last year.

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  • Charles Laib Bitton

    Charles Laib Bitton’s paintings capture intimate moments shared with friends, family, and recent acquaintances. Addressing themes of melancholia and beauty, his subjects are caught in contemplative moments, often exposing their inner thoughts and feelings to the viewer.

  • Florian Genzken

    Florian Genzken’s multidisciplinary work explores how our perception of the world is influenced by the vast number of images and signs that we are confronted with daily. He creates physically- and psychologically-gripping works that are uncanny and humorous, while intimate and sincere at the same time.

  • Jeewi Lee

    Jeewi Lee’s work predominantly deals with traces by thematising the past, presence and absence. The trace bears witness to time while also reflecting its history and own production process.

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  1. In the studio: Özgür Kar

    In the studio: Özgür Kar

    With a string of recent museum and Biennale shows in 2022, the young, Amsterdam-based artist Özgür Kar is working at an impressively prolific rate. We spoke with Kar about his work Bearer of bad news that is part of our group exhibition 24h, early artistic influences, what he is currently working on and the ‘death’ character that reappears in his work.
  2. In the studio: Ser Serpas

    In the studio: Ser Serpas

    Learn more about Ser Serpas, the LA-born, Paris-based artist who has been making waves in recent years, with major institutional and gallery shows in both Europe and the USA. Through autobiographical canvases and installations, she brings new life and meaning to materials found discarded on city streets.
  3. In the studio: Talisa Lallai

    In the studio: Talisa Lallai

    Step inside the studio of Düsseldorf-based photographer Talisa Lallai. The artist lays out the parameters she sets herself to work in, the place that left the deepest impression on her and the mesmerising installations she goes about creating in her exhibitions.