A Small Dance From The Sky: Press Release


Brunnenstr. 22, 10119 Berlin

June 23 – July 16, 2023


We’re pleased to present A Small Dance From The Sky, a solo exhibition of new works by Frankfurt-based artist Elisaveta Braslavskaja. Moving freely between figuration and abstraction, Elisaveta Braslavskaja creates multilayered works that open up new perspectives.

A Small Dance From The Sky comprises five works in acrylic glass boxes. Five works that were started during the artist’s semester at The Cooper Union in New York last year and completed in the months since.
While we seemingly identify recurring floral elements, ornaments and technical structures in each work, the motifs and materials are woven together differently every time – held together only by a yarn that pierces through the layers of paper and textile. It’s the interplay of two- and three-dimensional compositions that is important to Braslavskaja and that resets our focus, when looking at each work.

Captured in a box, the artist’s preserves both the material and the subject, laid out bare in front of us, to be inspected from all angles. Elisaveta Braslavskaja invites us into her work, it feels like we’re looking at a blueprint of the artist’s process, its different stages, layers and dimensions.

The image we see – whether that’s a leaf that has fallen or a photo that is dissolving – is floating in front of our eyes. While it is never still through the playful composition of the differing layers, Braslavskaja has captured and encased it for us to identify forever.