Elisaveta Braslavskaja

Elisaveta Braslavskaja’s work reveres the intersection of painting, collage and sculpture. The artist’s embroidered gestural marks suggest moments of physical and psychological presence – as well as traces of traditional textile patterns, organic floral elements and architectural flourishes. It creates an interplay of composition and material that is central to her intimate, yet expressive artistic practice.

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Elisaveta Braslavskaja was born in Marburg, Germany in 1997. She now lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Braslavskaja studied at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main in the class of Tobias Rehberger.


Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt am Main), Super Super Markt (Berlin), Galerie Parisa Kind (Frankfurt am Main), fffriedrich (Frankfurt am Main), fiebach.minninger (Cologne), goeben (Berlin), Sotheby’s (Frankfurt am Main), basis e.V. (Frankfurt am Main) and the Nassauischer Kunstverein e.V. (Wiesbaden).

In the studio

  • 📸 Neven Allgeier

  • 📸 Neven Allgeier

  • 📸 Neven Allgeier

  • 📸 Neven Allgeier


    • Elisaveta Braslavskaja: A Small Dance From The Sky

      June 23 – July 16, 2023

      Brunnenstr. 22, Berlin