In the studio: Cécile Lempert

Step inside the Düsseldorf studio and mind of Cécile Lempert. Learn more about the process behind her work, whether she prefers starting or finishing a painting and which artist is on her mind right now.



SSM: Has figurative painting always been an obvious choice for you?

CL: Yes, but that does not mean that you always recognize something concrete or real in it. For me, figurative painting is always a search for abstraction too.



SSM: If you had to name one subject that connects your work. what would it be?

CL: Fragile closeness.



SSM: Perspective or composition?

CL: Composition within the painting, but perspective during the image finding process.



SSM: How do your compositions come to life? Do you work straight onto the canvas or define it before?

CL: I build models out of clay or in a virtual program. This way I can try out different angles and sections. Then I make drawings of the picture to get a feeling for the simplification or the colour mood. But the drawings don't define the final painting.



SSM: Is there a colour you love most right now?

CL: I love grey tones, especially the natural colour of stone chalk. I also like translucent tones, orange or violet, which are very thin and glazing, such as light.


Cécile Lempert
Orange room, 2022
Distemper and pastel on canvas
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SSM: Starting or finishing a painting?

CL: Both feels good. Starting a painting is more playful because I can react spontaneously. In return, you have a satisfying feeling at the end because you have precisely and accurately scanned every part of the painting.



SSM: What's the title of the last work you finished?

CL: It has no title yet. The most recent work with a title is čert a mikuláš.



SSM: Do you have a favourite time of day to paint?

CL: I like to paint in the first half of the day and in the evenings. I hate afternoons.



SSM: One artist that is on your mind at the moment?

CL: Agnes Scherer.



SSM: Outside of your home and studio, where do you spend the most time?

CL: I like to be outside observing what's happening around me. It doesn't necessarily have to be nature, it can be anywhere. That calms me down.


Cécile Lempert
Turquoise, 2022
Distemper and pastel on canvas
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