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Sean Steadman



46.3 x 57 x 3.7 cm

Oil on canvas, framed

This is a unique work, hand-signed by the artist on the back of the painting.

The paintingĀ comes mounted in a hand-madeĀ walnutĀ frame.

Sean Steadman

Like a vigorous conductor of an orchestra, Sean Steadman fluctuates tempos, cues his infinite ensemble of shapes, and all the while steadies the flow of paint, his brush the baton of control. Unlike a conductor, whose role is to keep consistent rhythm, Sean prefers his melodies more awry ā€“ taking turns, pauses, loops or segues in another direction altogether. He works under these terms to keep the process open. The holes and passageways in his paintings can be viewed as metaphors for his absorption into plunging the unknown. The helix-like shapes that roam each canvas often repeat in on themselves, digging more trap-doors for us to fall through.