The other side of the door: Press Release


Purgal Delicatessen, Berlin

April 28 – May 1, 2022


Super Super Markt is about creating new ways to discover and experience art. Curated by British artist Rebecca Ackroyd, our second exhibition The other side of the door takes place inside of a deli in Berlin-Mitte.

The group exhibition can be viewed in person over the course of one weekend, after which it will be accessible online for the remaining duration of the month – thus creating a hybrid exhibition format.

The other side of the door brings together the works of 3 international artists, Zoe Barcza, Sean Steadman and Laurence Sturla. All works in the exhibition explore ideas of knowing what is real and what isn’t. While the arrow and shapes in Sean Steadman’s abstract paintings bring the viewer back from the mechanical image to something more concretely real, the familiar assemblages of pipes in Laurence Sturla’s sculptures speak of the flow of waste and water, engines and bodily innards. Zoe Barcza’s paintings present real and distorted visuals of a chaotic world that is not what it seems, particularly through her use of collage and content.