Super Super Markt: Press Release


7. Himmel, Berlin

March 3 – March 5, 2022


Super Super Markt is about creating new ways to discover and experience art. Curated by Julius Jacobi and Rory Kirk-Duncan, our inaugural exhibition Super Super Markt takes place inside of a convenience store in Berlin-Mitte.

The group exhibition can be viewed in person over the course of one weekend, after which it will be accessible online for the remaining duration of the month – thus creating a hybrid exhibition format.

We now inhabit a world in which the overproduction of goods, rather than their scarcity, is one of our most fundamental problems. Yet our economy’s growth functions by inciting us to produce more and more with each passing year. In turn, we require cultural forms to enable us to sort through the glut, and our rituals are once again directed towards the immaterial [...]”
– H.C. Binswanger

Contrary to the overabundance of a supermarket, the convenience store offers a curated mix of essentials, accessible to anyone at any time. Super Super Markt brings together the work of 6 artists working across painting, photography and sculpture. The exhibition explores human rituals in one’s consumption and how we accumulate goods for our pleasure, use and convenience. It’s the selection of artworks displayed outside of a traditional gallery environment that creates a more accessible and curated experience to view and collect art – offline and online.