Homestory: Press Release


Friends Space, Berlin

November 24, 2022 – January 22, 2023


There is something that links all of the different things. It’s what we call our person.
There is a link that we don’t do purposely; it’s there. It’s your sensitivity.
It’s your identity.
It’s one person in different rooms [...]

Etel Adnan (1925 – 2021)


The exhibition Homestory explores the space from the perspective of a collectors’ home. Exhibiting works from 5 international contemporary artists – Gina Fischli, Jeewi Lee, Talisa Lallai, Oliver Osborne and Max Ruf. The works on display are exhibited in a private setting – referencing domestic subject matter: items and captured moments from our daily lives that infiltrate our daily cosmos. Homestory offers up a tableau of a collector whose home we have been invited into, reflecting their personality and offering a depiction of their home story.

Homestory brings together emerging and acclaimed artistic voices in the mediums of painting, photography, video and sculpture, to present a narrative of one’s personal story. Offering moments of intimacy, personal reflection, nostalgia and subjective taste: Homestory scrutinises the world we live in now, between objects and cultural discourses of self expression.