Ania Hobson

Ania Hobson's paintings capture the breadth of human emotion by portraying evocative characters within staged yet universally-applicable scenes. Using a vibrant and fiery palette, her characteristically-dramatic works explore the human ability to read emotion in one another. Hobson observes that she extensively examines the psychology of people, including their body language and the complex expressions that we use to communicate with one another.

In 2018, Hobson was awarded the Young Artist Award of the BP Portrait Awards, granted by the National Portrait Gallery (London).

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  • In The Woods

    Ania Hobson


Ania Hobson was born in Suffolk, UK in 1990. She now lives and works in London, UK.


Ania Hobson’s work is part of public collections worldwide. These include the Green Family Art Foundation (Dallas) and the John Marquez Family Collection (Miami).


Hobson graduated from the Ipswich University (Suffolk) with a BA in Fine Arts, followed by an MA from The Royal Drawing School (London) and an MA from the Florence Academy of Art.


Her work has been featured in exhibitions at The Artist Room (London), Morgan Presents (New York), Ruttkowski;68 (Paris), Steve Turner (Los Angeles), Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, European Cultural Center (Venice), SETAREH X (Düsseldorf), Gillian Jason Gallery (London), National Portrait Gallery (London) and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (Edinburgh).

In the studio