The collector: Stella von Senger

The Berlin-based creative director Stella von Senger – whose years on set honing how the world's top luxury brands communicate – shares her insights on art purchases, must-see galleries to visit and the work of 3 artists that she has her eye on.



SSM: Where do you consider home?

SVS: Berlin, but in the end where my family is.



SSM: Do you remember the first work of art you purchased?

SVS: The first one I bought is a piece from French artist Paul Hance. I was asked to be part of a group show and when I came into the exhibition space (before it was even curated), I saw a piece I immediately fell in love with.
It reminded me of my childhood and I don't have too many vivid memories. But this is where I understood the power of art for me.



SSM: What's the newest work in your collection?

SVS: It's actually (again) a work by Paul Hance. A street lantern with another hand blown glass. It feels incredibly good to live with a street lantern inside.



SSM: Do you have a personal relationship with the artists you collect?

SVS: Honestly, mostly yes. I can also fall in love with pieces without personally knowing the artist of course, but when I actually buy a piece I have usually met the artist or I have a very good relationship with the gallery.



SSM: Can you name 3 artists whose works have left an impression on you lately?

SVS: Charlotte Dualé, Ayumi Paul, Lea Draeger



SSM: Painting, photography or sculpture?

SVS: I wouldn't dare to choose one. I love them all.


SSM: Which is your favourite Super Super Markt edition?

SVS: I love Oliver Osborne's Rubber Plant.


Oliver Osborne
Rubber Plant, 2022
€650 →


SSM: What was the last exhibition that you loved?

SVS: The last exhibition I saw and loved was Jens Pecho Not Enough at EBENSPERGER.



SSM: 5 of your must-see galleries / museums around the world?

SVS: I would love to start with the galleries in Berlin I really like. Galerie EBENSPERGER, as my friend and great curator Sebastian Hoffmann works there and he is an exceptional talent for finding great artists and curating wonderful shows. My friend Noah Klink's gallery is a must see as well. Die Neue Nationalgalerie is quite obviously one of the biggest highlights of Berlin. I love David Zwirner in New York and Dia:Beacon is a once in a lifetime experience.



SSM: If your personality was a painting, what would it be?

SVS: Clouds.