• Schwäne romantisch
  • Schwäne romantisch
  • Schwäne romantisch
  • Schwäne romantisch

Timur Lukas

Schwäne romantisch

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50 x 40 cm (framed)
40 x 29.7 cm (unframed)

Charcoal on paper

This is a unique work, hand-signed by the artist on the back of the paper.

Framing option
The framed option comes mounted on acid-free board in a white oak frame.

Timur Lukas

In his work, Timur Lukas frequently depicts vases that he derives from childhood memories. These vases are synonymous with bodies to him, sharing a neck, a throat, a set of shoulders, legs and muscular arms. At the same time, vases remain one of the oldest cultural products in human history - they are a symbol for victory as a cup and represent death in form of an urn. Their versatility and shapes are endless and for Lukas, vases act as vessels of memory, moods, characters, stories and landscapes.