• Study for Double-Out
  • Study for Double-Out
  • Study for Double-Out

Paula Kamps

Study for Double-Out

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30 x 40 cm (framed)
22.6 x 29.9 cm (unframed)

Watercolour on paper

This is a unique work, hand-signed by the artist on the back of the paper.

Framing option
The framed option comes mounted on acid-free board in a hand-made white pine frame.

Paula Kamps

Paula Kamps transports into moments and scenes of daily life, somewhere between memory and imagination. In her work, she explores mediums that are considered outside of traditional painting. She developed a technique in between watercolour and drawing, where she scatters large swathes of ink onto the canvas. These take the form of “stains”, as André Butzer describes them and reveal feelings, figures and objects.