• o.T. (study for tapestry)
  • o.T. (study for tapestry)
  • o.T. (study for tapestry)

Pia Ferm

o.T. (study for tapestry)

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50 x 40 cm (framed)
40 x 30 cm (unframed)

Pencil on paper

This is a unique work, hand-signed by the artist on the back of the paper.

Framing option
The framed option comes mounted on acid-free board in a hand-made brown walnut frame.

Pia Ferm

Pia Ferm's hand-tufted tapestries live in between sculpture and painting. They combine the traditions of tapestry with the genre of still life within painting. While carpet knitting or weaving is one of the oldest crafts of mankind, Pia Ferm uses tufting, a relatively modern, often industrially used technique. Following a sketch, she creates abstract watercolour still lifes, which she then translates into fascinating, three-dimensional wall-sculptures.