• Ohne Titel (A4)
  • Ohne Titel (A4)
  • Ohne Titel (A4)

    Michel Majerus

    Ohne Titel (A4)


    42 x 59.4 cm

    Silkscreen on reflective cardboard

    Edition size
    Each work is stamped and dated by the artist's estate.

    The work comes mounted in an aluminium frame.

    Michel Majerus

    Michel Majerus’ work can be seen as the capturing of the visual culture of a moment. Majerus was fascinated by the specific imagery of his time: 1990's advertisement and its slogans, brands and their logos as well as the emerging importance of the internet and computer technology with its digital aesthetics. But also pop cultural phenomena like comics, graffiti or techno mark recurring motifs of his work. During only a decade-long career, the artist created an enormous oeuvre, including paintings, installations, murals, collages and video works. His spontaneous and rapid way of working combined with a deep curiosity bore a multi-faceted body of work with a very distinct spatial sensibility. A series of major institutional exhibitions will take place this year (2022) in remembrance of the twenty years of Majerus’ untimely passing.