• Snow White (mirrorscan014)
  • Snow White (mirrorscan014)
  • Snow White (mirrorscan014)
  • Snow White (mirrorscan014)

Florian Genzken

Snow White (mirrorscan014)

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31 x 24 cm (framed)
21 x 14 cm (unframed)

Digital print on glossy photo paper

Edition size
Each work is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

Framing option
The framed option comes mounted on acid-free board in a white pine frame.

Florian Genzken

Florian Genzken’s multidisciplinary work explores how our perception of the world is influenced by the vast number of images and signs that we are confronted with daily. It ranges from traditional oil painting to readymade sculptures, objects and photography — creating a dialogue between landscape, body, technology and craft. He creates physically- and psychologically-gripping works that are uncanny and humorous, while intimate and sincere at the same time.