Jan Kiefer: Limited-edition print

Edition of 25

Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus, 2022 translates the bold painterly language of Basel-based artist Jan Kiefer into his first-ever edition. Realized as a 5-colour screen print on paper, the work shows Kiefer’s signature flag motif that was first presented in the current group exhibition Paint-by-Numbers at Galerie Eva Presenhuber.

Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus, 2022

Screen print (Edition of 25)

  • Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus
  • Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus
  • Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus
  • Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus

Jan Kiefer

Optimismus, Pessimismus, Realismus

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58 x 41 cm (framed)
55 x 38 cm (unframed)

5-colour screen print on paper

Edition size
Each work is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

Framing option
The framed option comes mounted on acid-free board in an aluminium frame.

”Screen printing is not so different from how I paint the flags. I use stencils to paint the flags, which is somehow the same technique screen printing is based on. Also the paint and its color quality is quite similar to these I use for this type of paintings.”
— Jan Kiefer

Jan Kiefer

Jan Kiefer’s paintings experiment with the traditional boundaries of composition in 20th-century Western art. His work questions painting’s potential as a source of aesthetic change and other similar critical dogmas, while engaging with socio-political issues. Kiefer's canvases play with both the kitsch and the mundane, teasing the relationship between the history of images and our contemporaneous social values.

"I think the word abstract is misleading. Abstraction means reduction. In this respect, the work is probably the abstraction of a flag."
– Jan Kiefer