Victoria Pidust

Victoria Pidust's work explores the idea of ​​mirroring our world with a different perception and creating a shift in reality in the viewer. Her intensive connection and engagement with painting not only made the artist think about possibilities of abstraction, but also how to transfer them to photography. For the iPhone zooming series, Pidust captures extremely zoomed-in image sections with her iPhone, in which calculated, algorithmic parts of the iPhone's "in-camera" programs become visible. Losses of quality caused by the zooming process are accordingly compensated or completed by independently generated information.

Works from this artist






  • Untitled nan1 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled pl1 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 53 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 37 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 11 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 43 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 42 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 41 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust

  • Untitled 40 (iPhone zooming)

    Victoria Pidust


Victoria Pidust was born in Nikopol, Ukraine in 1992. She now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Victoria Pidust studied at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin with Nader Ahriman.


Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Kunstverein Ost (Berlin), JVDW (Düsseldorf), Kunstverein kjubh (Cologne), ZERO FOLD (Cologne), Raw Photo Triennale Worpswede, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Galerie Crone (Vienna), FUHRWERKSWAAGE (Cologne), Super Super Markt (Berlin), Marburger Kunstverein (Marburg), MYSTETZKYI ARSENAL (Kiev), Galerie Judith Andreae (Bonn), Weserhalle (Berlin) and Haimney Gallery (Barcelona).

In the studio


  • Out of office

    Dennis Buck, Victoria Pidust, Julien Saudubray, Manuel Stehli, Kim Stolz

    Super Super Markt, Online

    August 9 – September 6, 2022

  • Super Super Markt

    Behrang Karimi, David Ostrowski, Victoria Pidust, Sophie Reinhold, Tobias Spichtig, Kim Stolz

    7. Himmel, Berlin

    March 3 – March 5, 2022