Timur Lukas

In his work, Timur Lukas frequently depicts vases that he derives from childhood memories. These vases are synonymous with bodies to him, sharing a neck, a throat, a set of shoulders, legs and muscular arms. At the same time, vases remain one of the oldest cultural products in human history - they are a symbol for victory as a cup and represent death in form of an urn. Their versatility and shapes are endless and for Lukas, vases act as vessels of memory, moods, characters, stories and landscapes.

Works from this artist






  • Engelchen

    Timur Lukas

  • Schwäne romantisch

    Timur Lukas

  • Portrait einer Vase 03

    Timur Lukas

  • Portrait einer großen Vase 01

    Timur Lukas

  • Zeichnung einer Vase 19

    Timur Lukas

  • Zeichnung einer Vase 10

    Timur Lukas

  • Zeichnung einer Vase 02

    Timur Lukas

  • Zeichnung einer Vase 17

    Timur Lukas


Timur Lukas was born in Konstanz, Germany in 1986. He now lives and works in Augsburg, Germany.


He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Anke Doberauer, Matthias Dornfeld and graduated in the class of Gregor Hildebrandt.


Lukas’ work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, including: Due Two Fries, with Laurentius Sauer, MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen (2021); Unite! Limbo Forest, with Tom Król, Kunstverein Augsburg, Augsburg (2020); Der Wald vor Omas Fenster, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen (2020)

His work has also been shown in selected group exhibitions, including: Baustelle 12, Kunsthalle Neuwerk, Konstanz (2021); Exposition d‘art contemporaine, Kunstarkaden, Munich (2020); Meze Evi, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (2019); 2x Förg, Kunstraum, Munich (2018); (On) The Radar, Waldburger Wouters, Brussels (2017)

In the studio