Lukas Schmenger

Lukas Schmenger was born in Filderstadt, Germany in 1981. He now lives and works in Cologne, Germany.


Lukas Schmenger studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Thomas Grünfeld’s sculpture class.


Schmenger’s work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, including: GHOST TOUCH, Made in Balmoral, Bad Ems (2020); Frühlingsbilder, BRAUNSFELDER, Cologne (2018); Vanta, Van Horn, Düsseldorf (2016); Adorant, Städtische Galerie Viersen, Viersen (2015); Das dialektische Prinzip, Daniel-Henry-Kahnweiler-Haus, Rockenhausen (2013); Die stabile Ordnung, Grafisches Kabinett, Düsseldorf (2012)

His work has also been shown in selected group exhibitions, including: ULTRA, with Alfons Knogl, Artothek, Cologne (2020); Beth Collar and Lukas Schmenger, Lady Helen, London (2018); Super Model Nein, Unisex, New York City (2018); Der Rote Raum, Osthaus Museum, Hagen (2016); Moiras Planschränke – eingeräumte Zeit, Raketenstation, Museum Insel Hombroich, Neuss (2014); Wachstumsrhythmus und Bewegung, with Max Ruf, Ringstube, Mainz (2012); Erkennung eines Lächelns, with Philip Seibel, Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf (2012)

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Lukas Schmenger is both a painter and a sculptor whose works focus on the representation of the human figure. Like artificial blueprints, he carves his motifs and figures out of a variety of materials, incl. paper, aluminium, bronze and canvas. Before he began to sculpt figures and heads, he was already painting them. Lukas Schmenger only transferred to the three-dimensional medium after leaving university.






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