Kim Stolz

Kim Stolz’s paintings appear to give the observer the possibility to decide on their contents and interpretations. She looks for forms that evoke associations of the human body or parts of the human body. However, Stolz’s work usually does not provide clear indications as to what part of the body could be shown in the painting and perception might shift between abstract forms and undefined associations.

Works from this artist






  • o.T.

    Kim Stolz

  • o.T.

    Kim Stolz

  • Dialog (4)

    Kim Stolz

  • Dialog (2)

    Kim Stolz

  • on edge

    Kim Stolz


Kim Stolz was born in Berlin, Germany in 1995. She now lives and works in Duesseldorf, Germany.


Kim Stolz studies at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf with Andreas Schulze.


Stolz’s work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, including: Out of office, Super Super Markt (2022); Super Super Markt, 7. Himmel, Berlin (2022); Buntes Gemurmel, with Florian Erhard, Oberbilker Allee 57, Duesseldorf (2021); inbetweens, WELTKUNSTZIMMER, Duesseldorf (2021); Hello green, tell me about pink!, Villa de Bank Enschede, Enschede (2018)

In the studio


  • Out of office

    Dennis Buck, Victoria Pidust, Julien Saudubray, Manuel Stehli, Kim Stolz

    Super Super Markt, Online

    August 9 – September 6, 2022

  • Super Super Markt

    Behrang Karimi, David Ostrowski, Victoria Pidust, Sophie Reinhold, Tobias Spichtig, Kim Stolz

    7. Himmel, Berlin

    March 3 – March 5, 2022