Kim Stolz

Kim Stolz’ works are painted with watercolour or gouache in a short period of time, usually on the floor. What she finds most fascinating in painting is to create an engaging work with reduced means, i.e. few colours and simple forms. Stolz prefers to work with neutral forms, such as the grid. It is not inherently meaningful and leaves space to put tension and sensitivity into the form during an intuitive painting process. Even more important than what is depicted, is how the forms are applied on the canvas and how the paint reacts with the surface of the canvas.

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Kim Stolz was born in Berlin, Germany in 1995. She now lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Stolz studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of Andreas Schulze.


Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Super Super Markt (Cologne), West Bund Art & Design (Shanghai), BBK Kunstforum (Düsseldorf), Super Super Markt (Berlin), Oberbilker Allee 57 (Düsseldorf), WELTKUNSTZIMMER (Düsseldorf) and Villa de Bank Enschede.


  • Tugce Dayioglu, Tessa Perutz, Kim Stolz

    November 16 – November 19, 2023

    Belle Etage, Cologne

  • Super Super Markt

    Behrang Karimi, David Ostrowski, Victoria Pidust, Sophie Reinhold, Tobias Spichtig, Kim Stolz

    March 3 – March 5, 2022

    7. Himmel, Berlin