Grace Weaver

Grace Weaver’s work tells stories which are in equal parts revealing and introspective. The artist often works with the concept of the watched female, captured in a net of social interactions, navigating the complexities of urban life. Like a psychological archive of daily routine activities, Weaver’s work mainly chronicles female experiences, in both the private and public realm. Expanding her vocabulary, the new works are painted up close, direct and present. In a similar manner to how she draws with charcoal – marking, rubbing out, and layering to create new arrangements – Weaver exposes previously buried brushstrokes and compositions.

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  • untitled

    Grace Weaver

  • untitled

    Grace Weaver

  • Wobbly

    Grace Weaver

  • Undecided

    Grace Weaver

  • pigtails

    Grace Weaver


Grace Weaver was born in Vermont, USA in 1989. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Grace Weaver studied at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond (2015), the University of Vermont in Burlington (2011) and Newcastle University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2010).


Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Neues Museum (Nürnberg), Galerie Max Hetzler (Marfa), Galerie Max Hetzler (London), BRAUNSFELDER (Cologne), Villa Merkel (Esslingen), Soy Capitán (Berlin), Spurs Gallery (Beijing), James Cohan Gallery (New York), Kunstmuseum Ravensburg, Oldenburger Kunstverein (Oldenburg), Galerie Max Hetzler (Berlin), Albertz Benda (New York), Espace Tajan (Paris), Kunstpalais Erlangen, Fabian Lang (Zürich), Kapp Kapp Gallery (Philadelphia), Aike Gallery (Shanghai), Koppe Astner (Glasgow), Kunstverein Reutlingen, Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco), ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Simone Subal (New York) and Thierry Goldberg Gallery (New York).

  • 24h

    Özgür Kar, Cécile Lempert, Michel Majerus, Louis Mason, Joanna Piotrowska, Ser Serpas, Grace Weaver, Angharad Williams

    August 31 – November 5, 2022