Dennis Buck

Dennis Buck constantly redefines the idea of material in his artistic practice. Using unconventional mediums, such as silicone and dyed fabric, he samples text and numbers that often playfully make out his initials, name or telephone number. The focus however, is primarily drawn to the processing of materials in his work. His bleach painting series inhabits these familiar motifs – letters, or a shape of a 'D' or 'B', stained from sun soaked marks left on the dyed fabric, resulting in a work that alternates between abstract painting and self portrait.

Works from this artist






  • beeper

    Dennis Buck

  • the road I lost my humor on has not been built yet

    Dennis Buck

  • dennis hopper

    Dennis Buck

  • Initialize yourself

    Dennis Buck


Dennis Buck was born in Ulm, Germany in 1989. He now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Buck studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe and the University of Arts, Berlin.


His work has been featured in exhibitions at Super Super Markt, shore gallery (Vienna), The Shophouse 1527 (Bangkok), Pop 68 (Cologne), Kunstverein Ulm, Roman Road (London), the Ranch (Joshua Tree) and the MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen.

In the studio