In the studio: Jordan Derrien

Enter the studio of London-based artist Jordan Derrien. We talked to him about how his works come to life, and what role the material plays in his diverse practice. With literature and the idea of domestic spaces often being a starting point for him, Jordan shares an upcoming writing project of his own and what artist – dead or alive – he would love to collect himself.


Jordan Derrien 📸 Reuben Beren James


 SSM: What are the three most indispensable items in your studio?

JD: Probably the three table tops available at my studio.


Jordan Derrien's studio 📸 Reuben Beren James


SSM: Daytime or nighttime?

JD: Daytime.



SSM: The works in your current presentation on Super Super Markt are from 3 separate bodies of work. How long have you worked serially?

JD: I’ve always worked serially, although to me it all belongs to the same body of work. It’s a matter of how I approach the materiality or surfaces that sometimes changes the outcome.


Jordan Derrien
Untitled, 2022
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SSM: Could you name a source of inspiration for these new works?

JD: Intersection(s).



SSM: You often work with different, some might say 'unconventional' materials (metals, found materials, organic materials). What challenges (and benefits) do these bring?

JD: What matters is the relationship I have with the surfaces of those materials, whether it is metal or linen.



SSM: Do you consider them paintings or sculptures?

JD: Paintings.



SSM: How does it feel, when seeing your work in a collector’s home?

JD: It depends on the collector’s home.


SSM: Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

JD: I’m currently working on some writings I did between 2020-2023 that will be first published in September.



SSM: If you could collect work from any artist – dead or alive – who would it be?

JD: Robert Overby



SSM: Is there a work from art history that best describes your personality?

JD: Jean SimÊon Chardin Soap Bubbles, 1734